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*Following are personal stories from my clients over the years.  Results vary greatly from person to person and there are no guarantees.

Colleen saved my life.  My debilitating sciatic pain is gone, Im off all pain medication and canceled my back surgery...        Karin(70)mother of 5.

Colleen does absolutely incredible massage, she found every little spot of tension. For the first time in weeks, I woke up without any back pain...Nicole (39) massage therapist.

Wow! I have chronic headaches and neck pain and have been getting massage for years.  That was the BEST work ever on my neck and head. You know all the right places...Ruth (41) scientist.

That was amazing, Im on cloud nine...Phil (31)UPS driver.

I have continual low back pain that interferes with my ability to work. After a massage/bodywork session with Colleen I'm pain free for over 2 weeks... Martin (25) Mechanic

I have always had bad headaches and TMJ.  As Colleen was holding the jaw points I realized I store emotional tension there.  I breathed thru the work, had instant relief and felt 100 times better for over 2 months... Casey(24) Waitress

Colleen has magic in her hands--I can feel the stress and tightness leaving my body as she massages it.  I feel like a new person when I get off the table, ready to go out and face the world. I travel and drive alot, so regular bodywork keeps me healthy and working efficiently...  Connie (53) Account Manager

 Colleen is a dedicated and effective practitioner who really makes an immediate and lasting difference. She knows what she is doing- no fluffy superficial stuff. I climb onto her table every 2-3 weeks to get rid of accumulated neck and shoulder tension, she keeps me virtually pain free!  Bill (61) Consultant.

I really look forward to my massages with Colleen. I can feel the cellular unification happening when she works on me. All the parts feel like the same body and I feel like moving alot when we are done.  Tom (85)

 Colleen is THE best person I have ever been with for the bodywork. For the first time in over a year I woke up with no pain in my neck and no pain in my hips.  I feel alive and I can walk again.  John (51) Black belt, Karate teacher

I have been a Physical Therapist for 30 years.  Colleen has kept me working for the last 13 of them.  Her expert, deep, detailed, and specific bodywork/massage is exactly what I need.  She will spend an entire hour on one section of my arm if needed.  She also takes direction well, and will gladly ferret out the minute adhesions, giving me the relief I need.  Plus, we have had some very entertaining conversations over the years!!
Lynn (54) Physical Therapist


I am a serious swimmer and climber; craving deep tissue massage.  Colleen, unlike any other masseuse I have worked with, provides this deep therapy without the pain usually accompanying  this type of massage.  In fact, I often fall asleep during the session, waking up feeling renewed and invigorated.
Steve (58) Attorney

I could feel the strength and knowledge in Colleens hands the minute she touched me. That was 10 years ago.  Monthly visits keep me healthy and pain free. She is one of the truly gifted bodyworkers.
David (63) Project manager

I came to Colleen with constant back pain that interfered with all aspects of my life, especially my riding.  I now have no pain at all, and have been given back the joy of riding and have a deeper connection with my horse.  I learned body awareness skills that have greatly increased my effectiveness as a Psychotherapist. Colleen helped me integrate this shift to all aspects of my life.
I now stay supple and relaxed while riding.  My horse responds brilliantly, its like he went thru the series too!  We now have a new level of competence and trust.
Liza (47) Psychotherapist, Equestrian

*These are personal stories from real clients,results vary greatly from person to person and there no guarantees of any kind.

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